The Community Building and Social Change (CBSC) Fellows Program introduces a talented, dedicated, and diverse group of Emory undergraduates to the challenges of, and opportunities for, building community in contemporary urban America.

Through academic coursework, an intensive, paid 10-week internship summer field experience, site visits, small group meetings, and public presentations, CBSC Fellows have opportunities to see firsthand the critical role that collaboration plays in the resolution of important public issues. They can also hone the skills needed to transform their passion for social justice into meaningful actions that revitalize communities and promote positive and lasting social change.

How the Fellowship works:

There is a two-step application process for the CBSC Fellowship: First, students apply to enroll in the Fall CBSC Course (370A POLS/SOC/ENVS/CBSC). This academic exploration of the principles and theory of Community Building serves as the prerequisite for the second application of the spring/summer terms of the full program.

The spring term consists of a 4-credit/hr class and a 1-credit/hr lab which provide the broader methodology, skills, and tools to put the students' knowledge of Community Building into practice. This semester is designed to prepare students for the 10-week summer practicum, where the Fellows are placed within teams and matched with specific projects around Atlanta. For more information on the variety of our summer projects, view the Projects page. 

The CBSC program solidified for me that nonprofit work is my calling, and helped me build even more foundations to be a strong change maker and community member.
— Merissa Cope, 2017 CBSC Fellow