Apply for the CBSC Fellowship


Applications for the  fall 2019 cbsc course are now open with a deadline of May 10th, 2019. Look for updates here on upcoming applications and recruitment events!

Applications for the required prerequisite course - 370A POLS/SOC/ENVS/CBSC for the Fall 2019 course are now open! This class is offered each fall by application and permission only.  Students in or having previously taken this course will be able to apply for the January-July full CBSC Fellows Program in November of the fall course.   

Applications for the spring/summer terms are available only to students have the completed the Fall CBSC (POLS/SOC/ENVS/CBSC  370A) course.  The application is found on the main page of the CBSC Profile here.

Please join the Community Building and Social Change Fellows Program OrgSync Profile to find out about recruitment and other connected events.  You may also want to check the Civic and Community Engagement website for events.  

Please contact Kate Grace ( for information on the application and selection process.  



The CBSC fellowship not only helped me recognize my passion for affordable housing but also gave me connections to people around the country who are currently doing that work—connections that will be invaluable when I join the workforce after graduation.
— Caroline Nwanze, 2017 CBSC Fellow