2019 CBSC Fellows and Collaborative Projects

The CBSC is excited to be working with a great group of nine Community Building and Social Change Fellows for the 2019 Program. The 2019 Fellows are: Yoni Benzacar, Jenny Braverman, Theo Davis, Whitney Forbis, Mimi Madhaven, Julie Park, Ross Tizes, Grace Walters and Afshin Valani. This class of fellows brings a wide range of experiences and interests to the program and we look forward to a productive spring and summer terms.

For our projects, two teams of fellows will be working collaboratively with the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement (ARCHI) and the Georgia Conservancy.

ARCHI is working with the CBSC on projects supporting the launch of a program in DeKalb aimed at improvement the well-being of several communities. Tentatively called the Youth Prosperity Collaborative, this effort will collect real-time data in a set of communities that will be reviewed and responded to via local service providers and community-led interventions. This is in some way building on past CBSC work with the DeKalb Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative as areas being engaged each have functioning DSNI Steering Committees that will be partners in the work.

CBSC Fellows will participate in the Georgia Conservancy’s work with the Covington Housing Authority in its’ housing plan creation. Working with their Sustainability Team, the fellows will be active in community engagement and assessments work. Their project is to both create a community input process and implement key strategies to gather a representative picture of community attitudes, priorities, opinions and visions for housing in Newton County and its’ municipalities.

CBSC 2017-18 Program Year Report

The 2017-18 Program Year was a successful one in many ways. The core Community Building and Social Change Fellows Program partnered with two important efforts in building community. In addition to our core year-long fellows program, CBSC staff and fellows engaged in valuable efforts with long-standing partners. Please read more about the work of the CBSC programs in our 2017-18 Annual Report.

2018 CBSC Fellows and Collaborative Partners Spring Meeting

2018 CBSC Fellows and Collaborative Partners Spring Meeting

The 2018 CBSC Fellows are beginning their partnership with the 2018 CBSC Collaborative Partners.

Our six 2018 CBSC Fellows' work is now underway!  Teams are in place and matched with our two great collaborative partners - the Cross Keys Sustainable Neighborhood Initiative's Affordable Housing Group(CPACS) and the Partners in Action for Healthy Living (PAHL) Youth Farm Program. 

The 2018 CBSC Fellows are:  

Samantha Flaugher -Hannah Fleischmann -  Julia Glickman Charley Mann - Owen Mattocks - David Nifong

This year, three CBSC Fellows will be working to establish baseline data related to affordable housing properties along the Buford Highway Corridor.  This will include analysis of available data surrounding these key properties, impact documentation for residents already displaced by loss of units and those fearful of displacement.  The end product is expected to help the CKSNI Housing Group demonstrate the social, economic and educational changes created for both very local communities and individual residents.  

Working with the Partners in Action for Healthy Living and their Youth Farm Program, three CBSC Fellows will work to help establish the program including planning for the implementation of an evaluation plan and assisting in the leadership curriculum for participants.  

Learn about the work that the 2017 CBSC Fellows accomplished during their summer practicum:


We Love BUHi

Fellows: Monica Reifkohl (17C), KT Grace (16Ox,18C) and Dillon Wu (19C)

This CBSC team worked with We Love BuHi--a nonprofit which works to "strengthen the unique multicultural fabric of Atlanta's famed Buford Highway Corridor." The Fellows' primary task was to survey over 100 businesses along Buford Highway, to gauge their interest and alignment with the mission of We Love BuHi. 



Pittsburgh neighborhood, atlanta

Fellows: Maya Bornsetin (19C), Merissa Cope (17C) and Caroline Nwanze (18C)

This team of Fellows worked alongside the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Atlanta Civic Site to update a vacant housing map for the Pittsburgh Neighborhood--one of the six neighborhoods in Atlanta's Neighborhood Planning Unit V (NPU-V). Additionally, the Fellows worked with the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association to help plan and promote their summer block gathering. 



whitefoord elementary school closure, edgewood neighborhood

Fellows: Kaya Ruffin (18C), and Emily Feigelman (16Ox, 18C)

Kaya and Emily worked alongside community partners in Atlanta's Edgewood neighborhood to document the community response to the closure of Whitefoord Elementary School. The Fellows conducted research on similar school closures and presented their final report to representatives of the Atlanta Public School System. 


The Community Building and Social Change Fellowship has shaped my aspirations and future plans more than anything else in college.
— Jason Sell, 2016 CBSC Fellow