Apply for the CBSC Fellowship


Applications for the  fall 2018 cbsc course spots are now available with a due date of wednesday, april 18th, 2018.

Applications for the fall term are available mid to late February with a deadline in March. Regular decisions are made by early April, with late applications being reviewed through the first day of classes until all slots are filled. The application can be reached on the CBSC Orgsync page.

The fall course is a required prerequisite for application to the full CBSC Fellows Program which runs January through the summer.  

Applications for the spring/summer terms are available only to students have the completed the Fall CBSC (POLS/SOC/ENVS/CBSC  370A) course.  

Please contact Kate Grace ( for information on the application and selection process.  



The CBSC fellowship not only helped me recognize my passion for affordable housing but also gave me connections to people around the country who are currently doing that work—connections that will be invaluable when I join the workforce after graduation.
— Caroline Nwanze, 2017 CBSC Fellow